Tonvibration - 1st live-event - 30-04-2005:

This saturday i played the 1st time live on stage. After 12 years of making music under studio conditions it was a amazing new experience to me.
While having a barbecue-party with some friends and celebrating the dawn of summer it was the right time to present my music live. By the way - thanks to all my guests for the wonderfull party! I played 5 songs and the audience enjoyed it very much. (i guess not only because they are friends of mine ;-) To me it was a great pleasure. The next live-event will be in a publice place:
17.5. @ jakobshof/aachen .... c.u. there....

The following set was played:
Intruder mp3_4:09min_5,8 MB
Karamba (Guitar-mix) mp3_6:01min_5,6 MB
Heaven 303 mp3_3:30min_3,3 MB
S.E.T.I. mp3_4:58min_4,7 MB
Manni.... no download available