Well, I´m not satisfied with making music alone, I always wanted to build my own gear... especially control surfaces, because the way you use your tool influences your music output hard.
I bought a Jazzmutant Lemur. It is a multitouch-screen with programmeable control items. Also I learnd a bit Max and now I build a lot of interfaces for that can be downloaded for free in the Lemur user section. (look for

As I studied psychology with the focus on ergonomics and human-machine-interaction I also started a company for developing new music-interfaces.

VST-synth: eLFOnator2

I created a VST-synth with synth edit. This is a free programm to design your own synthesizer as a Plugin. Its really easy to handle and fun.

The eLFOnator2 got 2 VCO both with independent ADSR-curves, 2 Filter and mainley 2 LFOs which can manipulated over a range and a fine tune and are designed to scream their head of. You can also mix the Oscillation of LFO1 to LFO2 to get it quit complex.

You can download the synth here. Just save it to your vst-folder... It comes along with a little Soundbank.

Did you ever thought about controlling your music with a joypad? Fire patterns by pressing buttons and squirl the filters by using the 2 analog joysticks.
Well, I´m not the first one who worte a little prog to do so, but it work out really fine and it is specialliced for use in Ableton Live - so maybe this sounds interesting for you.

It is writen in glovepie - a free input-output emulator, which is also great for simulating other stuff like wiimote. Also you have to install midiOX to route the midisignal inside your computer. Then run my Joypad to midi emulator.
All you have to do is also mentioned in the first lines of the pie-script - its really easy to install....

You can read more about the joypad to midi converter here.

Joypad to Midi Converter