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We had a nice time while wirering our equipment on a sunday afternoon and jamming along. Here is a video by tomtation. - thanks for this. (we also had some videos but they got lost in translation;) 

(mp3 / 31:00 / 72,6MB)
(mp3 / 12:45 / 29,7MB)
(mp3 / 21:46 / 50,1MB)
(mp3 / 27:16 / 63,9MB)

pre-Jam 22-04:
(mp3 / 4:22 / 8,2MB)
(mp3 / 3:32 / 6,6MB)
(mp3 / 4:59 / 9,3MB)
(mp3 / 2:24 / 4,5MB)


9-2007: Second Jam session with Beatboxer

After we had so much fun in our first session we made the second session just one month after.

This time it´s not 1 big file but 2 shorter sessions and it is more ambient than the first.

I specially like the second part, what became a really great ambient track....

Jam (part 1) - 31:56 minutes - 59,8 MB

Jam (part 2) - 27:36 minutes - 51,8 MB

8-2007: First Jam session with Beatboxer

After I met Flo and Daniel from Beatboxer we decided to try a complete unscripted jam. Just wire our equipment (Labtop- Ableton & Reason, Hardware - MPC, Nintendo, and DJ setup) and press start.

This was a complete new experience for me. While Proton303 was always performing predefined songs, this attempt was completely undefined.... and it works!

You can download our first session at the links below.

I also prepared 2 samples, because the original file is very big..... 

Complete Jam - 71:45 minutes - 134 MB


Sample (min40) - 3:12 minutes - 6 MB

Sample (min60) - 3:30 minutes - 6,5 MB

28-2-2007: Proton303 LIVE radio concert

We played a radioconcert at Hochschulradio Aachen - a public radio station. And between our sets we talked alittle bit with the guys from the show called beatboxer about making music..... you can hear that short interviews at links below (german language)

Interview A

talking about the concert and how we met.

Interview B

talking about how we perform live

17-11-2006: Proton303@Raststätte/AC

We had a big party at a place called "Raststätte" in Aachen. Tom and me performed a liveset of about 90 minutes. We arranged our songs live using Ableton Live and and our controllers and damn - it was really fun - to us and the audience :-) 

You can see some Pictures of the concert here. You could also see a short movie of the event at 

Download the songs at Proton303/music

As warmup of the Proton303-concert I played some songs from tonvibration.

A playlist is on the right side - - - - >>

        Greenwood Falls

        You could *

        Maytrix *

        2 close



*(......not online now)

Ich wollte schon immer elektronische Musik auch live performen. Im Frühjahr 2005 war es soweit. Zusammen mit einem Freund wurde das Projekt Proton303 aus der Taufe gehoben. Da jonglieren wir die Beats, drehen an den Filtern und rocken die Crew. Bisher gab es 2 öffentliche Konzerte.

Im Moment ist alles ein wenig ins Stocken geraten - die Zeit ist gerade recht knapp - aber "we´ll be back!" ;-) 

Genaueres hierzu gibt es auf der Homepage von Proton303 Projekt.

Mein erstes Live-Konzert

habe ich aber am 30.4.2005 noch alleine im Rahmen einer Privatparty absolviert. Und auch das hat ganz gut geklappt ;-) Genaueres dazu gibt es hier in einem kleinen Erfahrungsbericht mit Bildern und Links zu den gespielten Tracks.